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Our RPO Service is an all-inclusive, outsourced recruiting for all size of businesses. Our consultants become your corporate recruiting department. We take efforts to know your business, culture and leadership in and out. Using this understanding, we continuously search for qualified candidates and help you build a workforce that supports your company culture and goals.


Our recruiters identify, interview, screen and present the very best candidates for your consideration as you need them. Whether you need to hire one employee or a large team, Global CHRO’s Recruiting Services can identify, interview, screen and assist you to hire the very best candidates for your consideration, without pulling your time away from your business.


Our Recruitment Vendor Management Services are a group of services that are designed to reduce recruiting costs, improve vendor performance, also identify and manage vendor risk and improve the overall efficiency of our client’s hiring organization. We manage everything right from Vendor Sourcing, Negotiations, Agreement Management, Evaluation of current Vendors and identifying top performers, Vendor Transition Support, Vendor SLA Management and much more.


Developing a world-class recruiting function is easier with outside eyes. If your interview cycles are ridiculously long, if you’re seeing marginally qualified hires, or increased turnover at excessive cost, it’s time to look at the overall process. Global CHRO is uniquely enabled and can help establish the recruiting function for a growing company or improve the efficiency and quality of what’s already in place.

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