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Global CHRO Partners help you build and maintain good employee relations through a variety of services, including:


Regardless of the industry, management succession planning plays a key role in ensuring that your organization is prepared for future challenges. Global CHRO Partners can develop a program to assist your organization in recognizing and evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of current managerial staff and to determine future staffing requirements of key management positions.


How do you promote employee excellence to your employees and clients? Do you have an "Employee of the Month" or a "Manager of the Quarter"? Public recognition, and a professional portrait displayed in the workplace, is a great way to provide recognition that builds motivation and loyalty.


Maintaining employee morale is important, especially in difficult economic times. Incentive programs are an excellent way to retain great employees, and the increased productivity and decreased turnover they create actually save employer's money. It is also important to compare your incentive plan with those of your competitors. Do they offer incentive plans? If so, what do they include? We assist you in determining the best incentive programs for your company and your employees.


Assisting clients in handling sensitive employee relations matters is one of the most commonly requested services that our firm offers. Our consultants provide clients with non-legal advice regarding employee behavioural or performance issues. Client management teams who utilize this service can be assured that Global CHRO Partners stands ready to provide competent, objective, and fully compliant assistance in this vitally important human resources area.

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